How To Throw The Best Ever Birthday Party For A Dog

Jul 16 , 2021

How To Throw The Best Ever Birthday Party For A Dog

Chloe is always getting cute emails from her fans and we love them. Thank you! A recent one asked if we had ideas for how to throw the best ever birthday party for a dog. The answer is easy: you have to do it right! A simple romp in the park with friends isn't going to cut it – you need a classy event, in which your pup can mingle with other pups and their owners and celebrate his or her special day in style.

Sure, it might sound like a big commitment – but don't worry, with Chloe’s tips and tricks your pup will be happy as can be (and so will everyone else).

Chloe says she hopes she can help you plan this unforgettable celebration and show you some fun ways to engage in "paw-ty" time with your furry family member...


First Things First ... Pick A Place, Date, And Time


If you're reading this post, then chances are your pup is celebrating their birthday (or "Gotcha" day) soon and it's time to plan a party! But where will it take place? What date should it be celebrated on? And when is the best time of day for a doggie party?

These are all important details that need to be figured out before you can start inviting guests and picking up doggie-themed gifts. Let’s get started!

Location, Location, Location!

Some popular spots include local parks, a dog beach if you have one near you, your front or back yard, or even an indoor space such as a doggie daycare center – this is a great venue if you have weather concerns. If you're not holding it at home, plan ahead and book the location.

Pick A Date

It doesn't have to be on the exact day of your dog's birthday. Weekends are usually best so moms and dads who work can be included. Send out invitations weeks in advance so there's plenty of time for RSVPs. You'll be catering for pups and people so numbers are super important.

Get Your Timing Right

Mornings are the best time to throw a birthday party for a dog...they have more energy and once the party is over afternoons are paw-some for napping! If you’re having some doggie moms and dads staying over for the weekend, take a nap yourself then all go out to dinner certainly won't feel like cooking!


Have Fun With Your Birthday Party Theme


You know you want to do something special for the occasion. Theme parties are a great idea when hosting children's birthday celebrations, but how can you come up with an appropriate theme for your pup? Don't worry! Chloe's got some ideas that will make your little one feel like royalty on their big day. Here are her top four ideas:

1. Puppy Pool Party

Chihuahua wearing blue tank top

If it's summer and you have a pool, or can rent one, the pups can splish-splash the day away and never get too hot! Add a luau touch for the adults with tiki torches and tropical food and drink. Summer at its best.

Decorating Ideas

You can find all the luau decorations you could ever desire here.


Sniffany Aloha Tank

Food And Drink Ideas

Hawaiian Finger Food
Luau Drinks
Frozen Luau Dog Treats

2. Fashion Runway

Chihuahua wearing sunglasses and a pink top

Create a red carpet for the back lawn and tell everyone to come dressed to impress! Dogs and their hoomans alike! You can serve cocktails and hors d'oeuvres for the adults to enjoy, while the pups show off their modeling skills as they strut down the catwalk showing off designer clothes from head to tail! (Chloe’s got some great picks for party clothes by the way, see below!)

This party will be so much fun for everybody involved...and they won't even notice that you're running around like a madwoman making sure everything is perfect! Don't forget a cocktail for you, too!

Pink Metallic Puffy Jacket

Decorating Ideas

If you really want to go to town with haute couture decorations go no further than here!

A colorful cocktail for a birthday party for a dog

Food And Drink Ideas

Martha Stewart’s got hors d'oeuvres down! How could you go wrong?
Fun birthday cocktails.
Pet patisseries: for the fanciest dog treats in town, these are so swanky that even your people guests will want to try one. And these delectables take it up a notch even more!

3. Pizza Parlor

Birthday party pizza

What's a birthday without pizza? While you and your guests can enjoy the real thing, you don't want to upset your pup's tummy with it. But that doesn't mean that all the doggie guests go without. Chloe’s suggestions for tasty homemade recipes for pizza and pizza treats will satisfy all their cravings.

Decorating Ideas

Need some great ideas for pizza decorations? Try these.

Food And Drink Ideas

Dog-Friendly Pizza
Homemade Pizza Dog Treats or have a go at these!
If you're too busy to create your own, these store-bought ones look amazing!
These do, too!

4. Fancy Dress

Dog in Halloween fancy dress

One of the most popular dog birthday party themes is Fancy Dress. Guests can clothe their dogs in any costume they want...from Disney princess dresses to Pirates of the Caribbean, this party will be so much fun. Guests should come dressed up, too.

You'll want to make sure that you have plenty of photos to share on social media for friends who couldn't come. There should be a prize for the best-dressed dog and the best-dressed pet parent! Go to town with this one!

Decorating Ideas

Fancy Dress parties can be decorated any which way you want. Let your imagination run wild!

Food And Drink Ideas

For food ideas, how about a pot-luck? That way not only will the costumes be a surprise, but the food will be also.
For the dogs, The Food Network came up with these great ideas – some homemade and some bought. Dig in!


Invitations To Your Birthday Party For A Dog


Once you have your location, date, time, and theme you can start sending your invitations out. Design them with graphics that match your theme. Invite as many dog-loving friends and family members as you think you can accommodate, but remember everyone’s dogs must love other dogs! Chloe says you don't want any fights!

Ideas For Invitations

Greetings Island
If you're crafty, go to Pinterest or Etsy for do-it-yourself ideas.


Let Them Have Their Cake...and Eat It Too!


Dog-themed birthday cake

You'll need two cakes for a dog's birthday party. One for your human guests and one for the pups – of course! For the people guests, you can make your own cake if you're feeling ambitious, or get it custom-made to match your theme at your local bakery or supermarket bakery.

For the puppy cake, your neighborhood dog boutique can probably make one for you or this one looks easy if you're not an expert.


Food Glorious Food


Chloe already found lots of food ideas that match all her favorite themes (above) but you can add to those by finding out what food is safe for dogs and order catering accordingly.

Parents often wonder if they can feed their pups human food such as fruit, vegetables, meats, etc, and the answer is yes! There are many foods that you can share with your pup that are perfectly safe, so don't feel guilty about spoiling your furry friend with the occasional splurge!

Oh, and Chloe says check out her blog post on good and bad food for dogs here to make sure you aren't going wrong! Chloe's got ya covered!

Decorating in Style


Buy decorations that are festive and reflect your chosen theme.

Balloons – perfect birthday party decorations

Chloe says she's sure you've seen people in your neighborhood with birthday decorations for their children, so how about using them for your pet? Custom-made, high-quality banners and decorations will wow all your guests. That's right, birthday banners, balloons, and streamers are great ways to celebrate your furry friend's day. You can even get pre-made enclosures with pictures of your dog on them!

Paw-ty Clothes Should Be Haute Couture


The first step in getting your dog ready for his or her big day is to pick out a special outfit. Chloe loves all the clothes on her site, and says they’re all perfect for parties, but she’s chosen a few of her favorites to inspire you! Which outfits do you like best?

Here are Chloe’s pick for three pretty designer-inspired dresses:

Yellow denim dress with matching jacket
Black Fendi sundress
Woofany blue box dress on a mannequin

Yellow denim dress with matching jacket

Black Fendi sundress

Woofany blue box dress


And for the male fashionistas:

Chewy Vuitton tie tank for boys  Gucci Beverly Hills hoodie Woofany blue box tie tank

Chewy Vuitton tie tank

Gucci-inspired Beverly Hills hoodie

Woofany blue box tie tank


No Birthday Party For A Dog Is Complete Without Games


Chloe wanted us to choose some games for dogs and some for humans so everyone can get in on the fun. Let's see what she came up with:

1. Pinata

Have one for the pups filled with dog treats and encourage them to paw at it or bump it with their noses or bodies to pop it open. Have another one for the moms and dads filled with candy. They can both be in the shape of a dog.

2. Find The Hidden Treat

There are two ways to play this doggie game.

  • The first one is to hide an especially yummy dog treat somewhere and let the puppies try and find it. Let them all out at once so it's like a competition to see who finds it first!
  • The second game is for one dog at a time. Use your pup's favorite treat and hide it under one of three cups. Let them sniff the cups and see if they can locate the treat.

3. Where’s Your Mommy?

Moms or dads hide in the yard, behind furniture, or under blankets while dogs use their noses to sniff them out! So easy but so much fun!

4. Agility Course

You can buy miniature agility courses online and read up on how to get your dog to go through them. Try teaching it to all your guests' dogs, too, as a surprise.

5. Pin The Tail On The Doggie

This one's strictly for humans. Of course! Prepare a big cut-out of a dog, preferably your dog, and leave its tail off. Guests are blindfolded and given the tail with a pin in it. They are spun around to disorientate them and then must find the dog and pin its tail on. The guest who pins the tail closest to the actual tail area wins a prize. Hilarious! Especially after a cocktail or two!

If all else fails you can always throw balls for the dogs and enjoy watching them all chase after it and see if anyone brings it back. No matter what you do – just make sure everyone is having a good time.


Party Favors


Last but not least, when the party's over you'll need some awesome favors to hand out as the guests leave. Chloe's top picks include:

  • A subscription to one of the cool boxes that are so popular right now. This article gives you 18 to choose from!
  • Up-market dog treats
  • Gift certificates for your local groomer, doggy daycare, or dog boutique
  • Designer dog toys – Chloe’s Collection has the best!
Black Chewnel bone toy  Set of two Chewy Vuitton handbag toys Blue Sniffany latte toy Pink Koko Chewnel perfume toy

Chewnel bone toy

Chewy Vuitton handbag toys

Sniffany & Co latte toy

Koko Chewnel perfume toy



If you’re throwing a birthday party for a dog, there are many factors to consider. It can seem overwhelming at first glance but Chloe hopes her tips will help you narrow down some key considerations. Once you’ve got the planning down, it’s time to have some fun – and that’s what it’s all about!

Chloe would love to hear from you if you have any other great ideas for dog parties or if you have used hers. She also says please share this post with other pet parents you know so they can plan their own doggy shindigs.

Happy Birthday little doggies!

Wendy Hollandsworth
Dog Copywriter


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